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9 muses (나인뮤지스).

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Hello Venus (헬로비너스).
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♛ subbed, to watch
130518 kim shinyoung radio
121214 afreena fan meeting
beauty school ep 1 2 3

Infinite (인피니트).

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SPICA (스피카).
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BOYFRIEND (보이프렌드).
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B1A4 (비원에이포)
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july 2014 ranking:
top 5 guy groups // top 10 girl groups
infinite // hello venus
shinee // girl's day
b1a4 // 9 muses
exo // 4minute

boyfriend // spica; aoa; ladies' code; kiss&cry; apink; snsd

bands: nell and lalasweet

One Night Only Invitation 1/1

Title: One Night Only Invitation
Pairing: OT3 Minho/Key/Jonghyun (MinKeyHyun)
Genre: Smut ..PWP and attempts at Humor
Rating: NC17 (it's smut, duh, plus for explicit-as-fuck language)
Word Count: 1646
A/N: dedicated to @noonawr / mingboon, my lazy ass has finally finished it OTL
here's my take on my flawfree OT3 (and there's KeyHyun! *is personally happy about that*). First and last time writing a threesome, like really.

The apartment was dark. Of course it would be, it was well past midnight. Onew and Taemin were sleeping, exactly what the other three should have been doing. But after a long day of schedules, Jonghyun needed to unwind - listen to some American R&B music while he surfed the web for visually stimulating videos (read: pornography). When that got boring (who would want to listen to the same girls fake moan "Give it to me, oppa". The quality of acting in porn has decreased. Something Jonghyun finds extremely disappointing), he figured he might as well make a sandwich. Maybe Minho and Key would be awake and provide him with genuine moans. Yes, Jonghyun was a sick fuck - he enjoyed listening in on his friends' private affairs, jerking off to the most delicious needy sounds Key made. But he figured that was the closest he'd get to Key sexually - might as well enjoy it, fantasizing that it was him, not Minho, inciting the pleasure for Key.

Jonghyun passed their door on the way to the kitchen. He wasn't particularly surprised that the light was on. He had "stumbled upon" their activities a few times before. Key would yell about privacy before slamming the door behind them. Or like two Thursdays ago, Minho simply ignored Jonghyun's presence and continued to finger his boyfriend's hole.

But today was unlike those occasions. It was as if they were expecting him.

The door was wide open, nothing hindering him from entering. A sent invitation waiting for a response. Yes or No. Are you in for a good time, or are you just a loser tugging at his own dick? Maybe Jonghyun was over-thinking again; his mind controlled by the lustful possibility of something he's always wanted to do.

Key laid spread eagle and stark naked on the bed.

He murmured some words that Jonghyun couldn't comprehend. He made a move to turn and leave, but couldn't stop his eyes from wandering to the smooth bare skin of the one he's wanted for so long. When would he get another chance like this?

Frozen in place, he simply gaped at Key, too busy taking in every single feature to notice Minho standing near him.

"All of this could be yours...for one night only."

Minho wasn't surprised at all to see Jonghyun enter because come on, it's pretty obvious his boyfriend is hot as hell. To the taller's amusement, Jonghyun didn't ask any questions, or even spare a second; one moment he was at the door, the next moment his lips ghosting Key's neck.

"Can I?" He whispered softly. Key nodded slightly, dark eyes locked with Jonghyun's. And with that signal, his lips attached themselves to Key's neck. Lightly brushing the bare skin with his lips, Jonghyun relished in the warmth and leaned further. The other ran his fingers along Jonghyun's sides, encouraging him on. He pulled back to kick his boxers off, then returned the comfortable position between Key's legs. Key grabbed his head, lips meeting, gently brushing at first until Jonghyun deepened it.

But before Jonghyun could really enjoy himself, Minho interrupted, "Ah not yet! You're not even prepared."

Getting the lube was the easy part...but convincing Jonghyun that he was yes indeed bottoming was a little difficult.

After a few long moments of coercion, Minho pushed Jonghyun onto the bed, uncapped the bottle, and lathered a good amount of lube on his fingers. He entered the slicked-up fingers into and around Jonghyun's hole, not expecting the extremely high pitched squeal. Key had to hold back a snicker because what man makes a sound like that. By the third finger, Jonghyun was visibly shaking, "Minho, I think he's prepared enough.” Panting, Jonghyun didn't anticipate Minho to simply remove his fingers and turn his attention to Key. He opened his mouth to protest, but stopped and couldn't help but gazed at the sight. The way Key gently pulled Minho's bottom lip with his teeth; glazed eyes fixated on Minho's.

The same neck Jonghyun kissed softly moments before, Minho was devouring - Jonghyun could see Minho licking and nipping at Key's neck. He couldn't even pretend he wasn't jealous. What happened to the "One Night Only"?! However, Jonghyun cooled his internal bickering and tolerated being ignored when heard it. The most delicious moan he had ever heard. To hear him moan less than a feet away, compared to being outside the door, was amazing. The full effects of what was happening dawn upon Jonghyun.

He was about to fuck Key, well about to be fucked by Key, but there's no difference really because his fantasy was about to become a reality.

The reality was Jonghyun laying on his back, fingering himself as he watched as Minho's hands messaged Key's inner thighs. The taller's lips trailed from the neck down to Key's nipples, leaving a thin layer of saliva. His head fell back to the bed as Minho lightly ran his thumb over the slit of Key's dick before lowering his head to the tip. The moan sent shivers down Jonghyun's own dick. Minho licked around the base, tongue swirling around and around. Lips stretching along the shaft, Minho deep-throated Key. He paused to adjust to the size in his mouth before slowly bobbing his head up and down.

Fuck, Jonghyun wanted to cream right now; Key's shut eyes, reddened face and moaning “Minho, Minho” over and over again. Minho pulled back, teasingly licking at the tip. “Fuck, I'm so close.” One long suck later and Key was a panting, cumming mess. After swallowing most of the cum, Minho leaned into Key to share a messy kiss. Key wiped the remaining traces of cum off of Minho's face, only to lick his hand, savoring the taste of his own cum.

Minho muttered to Jonghyun, "Come over here and make yourself useful, will ya". Any other time Jonghyun would've responded with a "Bitch please" or something to that effect. But he chose not to, because fuck, Minho's eyes were dark and intense and actually kind of sexy. Jonghyun made a move to go behind Key but Minho held his hand, "Nope. Sorry. I'm the only one allowed to enter into this glorious hole."

Okay, so Jonghyun might be an idiot at times (read: most of the time), but doesn't a threesome involve three people and not Minho being a greedy possessive dick. He was about to voice his concerns and just call this all whole thing off (because at least his right hand doesn't boss him around saying "make yourself useful", like really, was he a pet or something?) when Key untangled himself from Minho and crawled to Jonghyun.

Jonghyun looked up at Key, heartbeat racing. Lifting Jonghyun's ass into the air and roughly gripping his ass-cheeks, he entered Jonghyun in one motion. The older immediately cried out because Fuck it hurt and whatever preparation Minho had done was a shit job. Panting at how Jonghyun's hole resisted - tightening and almost denying access, he whispered, "You're so tight, relax, or else it'll hurt more”.

The pain started to subside. It was still there but with Key licking and biting at his chest, leaving wet lines of saliva, as he shallowly fucked him, so the pain was pushed into the farthest part of his mind. And then Key picked up the pace, angling himself as if he was searching for something (Jonghyun couldn't fathom what, because he doesn't really know about these things. It's not like he's gay). Breathing ceased to happen when Key found what he was looking for, "Fuck Key, t-there."

"What did you say?" He wanted to wipe that stupid smirk off of Key's face about as much as he wanted Key to ram into his hole and never fucking stop.

"I said...there."


Key pulled out and re-entered with such force, Jonghyun slid up almost banging his head into the headboard. Eyes closed and head to the side, laying there whining Key's name as he fucked him into the bed. He didn't even want to move because it felt so fucking good.

But then it stopped, "What." Key's head was leaning on his shoulder, dick still rested in Jonghyun. He peeked an eye open - Minho was behind Key, enjoying the 'glorious hole' Jonghyun wasn't allowed in.

"'kay, just ignore me. Yeah sure fine, I was happily getting fucked into oblivion, but now I'm not."

Minho gently fucked Key's hole, slightly rocking the bed. Key murmured “Minho” into Jonghyun's neck, shallow breaths tingled his shoulder. “Don't tease. I need it.” And with that real movement began, Minho grabbed his lover's cheeks, spreading them apart, slamming in roughly without pulling out. The force of Minho's thrusts pushed Key further into Jonghyun.

Fuck, Minho keep doing that.” The taller's response to Jonghyun's whine was exactly what he (and Key) wanted. Jonghyun clenched the sheets around him to have some sort of support as Minho rocketed in and out of Key, which caused Key to bury further inside of Jonghyun. The rhythm Minho had set was a fast one, but the eldest couldn't complain; the hard, fast thrusts were pushing Jonghyun closer and closer to the edge. He let out a high-pitched moan, cumming onto his and Key's chests. Jonghyun's hole tighten, Key couldn't last any longer, and in two thrusts later was filling Jonghyun's hole with his hot cum. Feeling his time was near too, Minho grabbed Key's hair, pulling his head back to bite into his shoulder. Hips furiously ramming over and over into he couldn't anymore and the wave of orgasm washed over him. He groaned his lover's name before pulling out and plopping down next to them. Key pulled out of Jonghyun and curled into Minho. Energy spent, he promptly fell asleep.

Hey, Jonghyun.”

The eldest tiredly picked his head up, “What.”

Wasn't this better than tugging at your own dick as you fantasized of fucking Key.” Jonghyun resisted the urge to hit him.

Hey, Minho.”


The eldest laid his head back down, not-so-discreetly snuggling into Key. “You're a bitch.”


The Electrician (1/1)

Title: The Electrician
Author: queenhinata
Pairing: MinKey
Rating: NC17
Genre: Smut - the PWP kind, Language
Word Count: 860

Key had saw him for three straight days, driving his work van, arm hanging out the window while the other leisurely handled the wheel. The van was loud and bustling, the muffler definitely needed a repair. It had woke him from his afternoon nap, the cranky mood that had started to form dissipated on spot once Key opened the door. Across the street, he watched a man get out a van, tools in hand. His eyes nearly popped out at the sight. A thin white tank top and snug-fitted jeans; tussled cafe brown hair. He was fucking hot and Key kinda, really wanted him.

To distract him from the thoughts that were already clouding his mind, Key closed the door, leaning against it for a moment before finding something, anything to do.

After cleaning for what felt like a century (Umma always said, a clean house clears the mind or a clean house means a clean mind? Something like that), Key felt it'd be appropriate to call his neighbor now. More like the the man had left, because who could miss him coming or going; the noise the van produced seemed to work as an alarm of some sort.

"Halmoni, my lights have been acting up. I tried to fix it myself, but you know how I'm not good with that type of stuff. Do you know any electricians?"


The next day when he showed up at his door, Key giggled a "Um hi. You're here." Because he couldn't just say "Fuck me now." That would be so...blunt. The man gave him a weak smile. Of course, he probably thinks I'm an idiot.

"Choi Minho, licensed electrician. So what seems to be the problem?"
"I, I need some help. And I heard you're the perfect man for the job."


The taller grabbed Key's waist, large hands pawing at the loose sweatpants. He slid his hand in Key's boxers, gently rubbing at the fabric. Key moaned into his shoulders.

"You are so fucking hot." Key nibbled at Minho's neck, licking and biting. Because he need to just taste him, and oh, fuck Key was so horny. The last time he's had a good lay was forever ago.

The other gave a rumble of a laugh and mumbled a "thank you." Key kicked off his pants before connecting their bodies again. It was no need to remove his underwear because Key wasn't wearing any, knowing it would simply be a hindrance.
Minho gently laid him down on the couch. He spread Key's legs apart, preceding to rake his inner thighs with those blunt nails, leaving thin pink lines. Then softly messaging them afterward.

"Do you have any..?"

Knowing right away what he meant, Key stretched to the table beside the couch, his hand connecting with the bottle of lube. Minho only gave him an arched brow and the simple statement of "you're prepared." He grabbed the bottle, popping the cap, squeezing an excessive amount onto his palm. After his dick was lathered, he slipped a coated finger in Key's hole and almost immediately slid in another. Legs spread out on either side of Minho, back arching to meet the way Minho finger fucked him. With the hooked fingers digging and stretching his entrance, Key couldn't help to mewl in pleasure.

"Are you ready?" Key nodded, teeth pulling his bottom lip, and eyes locked with Minho's. The taller introduced his dick to Key's hole and in one thrust he had was fully in, balls bruising the curves of Key's ass. Key bit into Minho's shoulder. He let out a pained moan. No matter how much it initially hurt, Key loved the feeling of a dick plunging into his hole. The unspoken question hung in the air. Key bucked down, signaling Minho to move.

Minho reached for Key's milky thighs, lifting one leg over his shoulder, providing more access, Minho pounded mercilessly into Key's tight hole. All Key could do was whine and moan and rub his hands over Minho's back. He slid his dick in and out with such strength, Key shivered at the force. Minho rolled his hips, crushing into Key's hole. When the taller threw the other leg over his shoulder, Key cried out, feeling Minho literally slam into his prostate.

"There!" He pulled out momentarily to flip Key around, entering and re-entering to the melody of Key's "Don't stop. Don't stop." The older bucked backwards, meeting each thrust, each push. Minho pulled Key's hair, forcing his head back to engage in a sloppy kiss. o close. Minho slammed in once more, knowing, feeling how close they were. The other screamed "Fuck" as Minho haphazardly pumped his neglected dick.

Key came hard, the silent orgasm rippled over him as Minho rocked in and out of him before succumbing to that high with him. His cum shot into Key's ass, hot liquid filling him as he shook. Minho stayed like that for a few moments, softening dick still in Key, kissing the older's back. Their final groans in the air.

He pulled out, flopping on the couch, chest heaving. He looked over to Key, who then looked at him, their euphoric grin matching.


omg I hope this was good OTL first time posting smut >///<